There are several applications of Essential Oils many of us use to support specific body systems through a layering process. If you're like us you enjoy setting up your system before you apply, knowing that if for some reason you get distracted or have to step away for a moment, that you can come back flawlessly. This product holder will support you in ALL your applications. Use your official books to follow along; we recommend Boyd Truman's and Dr. Hill's AromaTouch Application. We are in no way affiliated with Symphony of the Cells or The AromaTouch Application, we are simply avid users, supporters, and educators/advocates/promoters. 
Note that this has 11 spaces in two rows, so if you have an application that uses 4 then you will have 7 empty spaces. If you have an application that uses 10 spaces then you will have 1 empty, and so on. The front row of spaces would be for those oils used in the application, after each one is used, it can be moved to the second row, allowing you to ensure that you do not lose your place. We do have 6 "Custom Assistants" for the other 20 applications we have in mind and one for Aroma of 9. We know this "All Application Assistant" works for everything, and we know some people will want multiple setups in their home or place of business, therefore we have several options in other tabs, enjoy! If you are not familiar with the application we are discussing, of course, these holders could be used for any essential oil storage. 
If you are new to Essential Oils or any applications associated with EO's Samantha would love to connect with you and educate you on the results-driven products and services she offers. Follow this link to connect if you prefer a call or text please use 719-310-9211.


Product needs to be assembled, simple instructions included.

All Application Assistant - 11 Hole Tray