This Aroma Assistant is perfect for a 40-minute application with 8 oils and a handy spot for the optional carrier oil. The intention behind this system is that you place all the oils in order with the caps already off and ready to go, after that oil has been used you place it in the back spot so you know it has already been applied. So if you are like us and you lose your spot, can't remember for sure which oil you are on, or get pulled away from your application this Assistant will be the perfect companion. These slots are sized for the 15ml oil bottles (plus the large space for the carrier oil) and can accommodate 5ml and 10ml rollerballs as well. 
If you are new to Essential Oils or any applications associated with EO's Samantha would love to connect with you and educate you on the results-driven products and services she offers. Follow this link to connect if you prefer a call or text please use 719-310-9211.

Aroma Assistant - 8 Hole Tray