These Heringbone Interlocking sheets have virtually invisible seams.

Paint them a brick color or a stone color, looks great either way.


You can add them from end to end for a road as long as you need, add them top to bottom to make them as wide as you need.


These Herringbone Sheets are from an actual photo of a Herringbone Street. The individual stones are approximitely 12" x 6" in HO scale.



- 6.625"L X 3.375"W

- .025" Thick on Lazerboard

- 2 sheets per pack


You can keep adding sheets to make an area as long or as wide as you need. &nbsp;Also great when used as flooring.<br /> <br /> The Herringbone Sheets are like puzzle pieces, each sheet if installed correctly will line up evenly along all edges. Simple instructions included.


You can keep adding sheets to make a road a long or as wide as you need.

You can install them directly onto your diorama or layout or glued separately to a thin surface like Chipboard. After they are glued down and dry, then painting and weathering can take place.


We do not recommend painting the Herringbone Sheets before installing.

Glue down with Canopy Glue and weigh section down, let one piece dry first so butting up a second piece makes the joint tighter.


Comes unpainted.

HO Scale - Herringbone Interlocking Sheets - 2 pk