This background flat kit is under 2" deep, perfect for tight areas on your layout.

Can be up against the tracks or downtown, how will you use it?


This Kit can be added to our Bonded Warehouse & Storage Background Flat kit. Making a 26" Background Complex.



11"L x 1.562"W x 7.375"H


Kit Includes:

- 3D Laser Engraved Old Brick

- 3D Laser Engraved Corners

- 3D Laser Engraved Old Brick Overlays

- 2 Fire Escapes

- 3D Printed Wall Anchors

- Laser Cut Security Bars

- Peel & Stick Laser Cut Windows and Doors

- Laser Cut Sign Stencils


Comes unbuilt and unpainted.

HO Scale - McCampbell Storage Background Flat Kit