Laser Engraved Wood Siding (11.75" x 5.85" X 1/16").

The most realistic wood siding on the market today, these 3D engraved sheets are from actual photos of Shingle Siding walls. We engrave every detail into basswood with a laser.


Works just like any sheet of 1/16" wood siding. Cut, brace and build. Because the wood grain on the sheet is positioned vertically, your bracing must be positioned horizontally. We are use to bracing our walls vertically, but in this case brace them horizontally.


The photo shows a sheet half painted. The top half is stained with a wash of 91% Alcohol and Brown weathering powder. The bottom half is unpainted. You can use any colors you want to create the look you need.


Comes unpainted.

HO Scale - Shingle Siding Sheet 11.75" x 5.85" X 1/16"