Built in the mid 1920's this unique brick structure could be used as a freight house in any big city or urban area, or could be used in many industrial situations on any railroad.Has a rail side and a truck loading side. The original is located in Springfield, MA. These walls aren't plaster or resin, usually reserved for the experienced modeler.Each wall is made of basswood, laser engraved using photographs of real brick. Dimensions: 6.875"W x 12.25"L x 4.5"H Features:- Turnbuckles & Down Spouts- Laser cut Overhangs- Concrete Overlays- Rooftop Drains- Brick Corners- Peel & Stick Windows & Doors w/Glazing- Peel & Stick Tar Paper- 3d Engraved Roll Up Doors- No Parking Signs- Clerestory Kit Included Comes unbuilt and unpainted.

HO Scale - The Brick Freight House Kit