Based on the Union Brewery located in historic Virginia City Nevada.

One of many saloons that sprung up after the discovery of the Comstock Lode, which was the first major silver deposit discovery in the United States. Perfect for any small town...

Change the signs to customize it for your project.


Dimensions: 4.06"W x 5.6"L x 5.06"H


Kit Includes:

- Aged American Bond 3D Engraved Brick

- Aged Brick Corners

- 3D Engraved Brick Cornice

- 3D Engraved Brick Overlay (Inside Roof Area)

- 3D Engraved Brick Wall Caps

- Peel & Stick Laser Cut Windows and Doors

- Peel & Stick Laser Cut Shutters

- Peel & Stick Tar Paper Roofing

- Roof Top Pipe

- All Signs Shown


Comes unbuilt and unpainted.

HO Scale - Union Brewery Kit