The most realistic stone on the market today, these 3D engraved sheets are from actual photos of stone walls.


We engrave every detail into basswood with a laser.

For modelers who love to work with wood and have been hesitant to work with plaster or resin, now you can stay in your comfort zone.


Actual stone measurements range in width from approximately .55" to .15".

- N Scale the stones are 7 feet to 2 feet in scale size.

- HO Scale the stones are 4 feet to 1 feet in scale size.

- S Scale the stones are 3 feet to 8 inches in scale size.

- O Scale the stones are 2 feet to 6 inches in scale size.


No thinner needed when painting with acrylic paints, always use as little water as possible when working with wood products.


Once interlocked, then painted and weathered, the seams virtually disappear...


Comes unpainted.

Medium Cut Stone Interlocking Sheet 11.4" X 5.9" X 1/8"