Based on Castle Shannon, PA landmark Feller's Garage.

The train tracks are right across the street. Concept and base drawings by Bill Sartore of Microlumina.



9.25"L x 7.5"W x 3.75"H


Kit Includes

- 3D Engraved Concrete Block

- 3D Engraved Concrete Block Corners

- 3D Engraved Old Brick 1/4" Chimney

- 3D Engraved Terra Cotta Coping

- 3D Printed Concrete Steps

- 3D Printed Chimney Pipe

- Laser Cut Pan Type Awning

- Laser Cut Windows and Doors w/ Peel & Stick Backing

- Tar Paper Roofing w/ Peel & Stick Backing

- Front Sign Stencil

- Side Wall Large Sign

** Vehicle Not Included


Comes unbuilt and unpainted.

S Scale - Feller's Garage Kit