Our inspiration for this kit came from a scratch built version by Steve Harris, he had help from Michael Blazek and Jake Johnson... I appreciate all their input. Steve has an article about his scracth built version in the Narrow Gauge Gazette.


This kit is based on the historic Placerville, CO garage. Located right behind the Placerville Station. The location became known as Placerville after the Rio Grande Southern Railroad constructed a depot and several passing sidings west of the original settlement.


This kit even though based on a western structure, just change the color of the stone and this structure could fit anywhere. Check out the last two pictures in the series of pictures above. We colored that to look more East Coast or Mid West.



8.7" L x 10.4" W x 4.4" H



- 3D Laser Engraved Block Stone

- Block Stone Corners

- 3D Printed Rooftop Exhaust Pipes

- Old Brick Decorative Chimney

- Laser Cut Doors & Windows with Glazing

- Peel & Stick Tar Paper Roofing

- Sign

- Simple Weathering Tips


Comes unbuilt and unpainted.

S Scale - Placerville Garage Kit