This kit is based on the historic Whitley & Whitley Building in Placerville, CO which was built in 1920 to serve the narrow gauge Rio Grande Southern Railroad and the miners of the San Juan mountains.


Drawings and info provided by Steve Harris, Michael Blazek and Jake Johnson.

The location became known as Placerville after the Rio Grande Southern Railroad constructed a depot and several passing sidings west of the original settlement.



5.58"W x 7.33"L x 4.79"H



- 3D Laser Engraved Block Stone

- 3D Laser Engraved Block Stone Coping

- Block Stone Corners

- Laser Cut Doors & Windows with Glazing

- Metal Roofing Material

- Sign


- Scenery and Details Not Included


Comes unbuilt and unpainted.

S Scale - Placerville Store Kit