This is our 2 Story Storefront Starter Kit with

This 2 Story Storefront structure fits in anywhere because you custom fit it to your needs.

Now that we've got you started with our Starter Structures, what will you build?


Create the business you need... You customize the text on the Storefront!

We'll engrave the name of your business above the storefront.



4.35"W x 6.95"L x 5.35"H


Kit Includes:

- 3D Laser Engraved Old Brick

- 3D Laser Engraved Old Brick Corners

- 3D Engraved Old Chimney

- 3D Laser Engraved Terra Cotta Coping

- Laser Cut Cornice

- Peel & Stick Laser Cut Windows & Glazing

- Laser Cut Storefront

- 3D Printed Chimney Pipe


Comes unbuilt and unpainted.

S Scale - Two Story Storefront Starter Kit